30 Work from Home Social Media Jobs You Can Do In Your Pajamas.

Social media jobs are fast becoming an in-demand career and the easiest work from home opportunity today. Do you adore social media and long for a means of generating income from it? You can with a work from home social media job! Jobs in social media marketing are in higher demand than ever. Any blogger will find that to be positive. One particular social networking site has been the most beneficial to my blog; however, we’ll get to it in a moment. Let’s first examine 30 distinct types of social media work from home jobs, their definitions, and how to get started.

How to get started with Work from Home Social Media Jobs?

Getting your CV in tip-top shape is the first step in beginning a work from home social media career. Companies will be on the lookout for certain abilities and expertise with social media platforms.

Describe how you’ve used social media tools to expand your blog. Display knowledge of the analytics and engagement strategies. A list of successful product launches should be displayed.

Do some research on the businesses you want to work with. You need to pick a company that is a suitable fit for you because salaries and responsibilities differ greatly amongst them. Take this short quiz  to determine which social media job best befits you.

Pros and Cons of Work from Home Social Media Jobs.

  • Pros:
  • A degree is not always necessary
  • You can get paid to stay home and be on social media all day
  • Some positions are full time others are part-time
  • Usually flexible
  • The pay is not bad!
  • You can work in your pajamas
  • You can work for a company or freelance for yourself
  • Cons:
  • Some sort of experience is generally preferred
  • Wide range of duties and expectations
  • Have to be detail oriented and follow through
  • Some jobs are more long-term than others

How Can You get Experience for Work from Home Social Media Jobs?

Blogging is a fantastic method to gain experience for work-from-home social media careers. Social media is a major source of traffic for blogs. You will use several social media networks to advertise your blog, and you will get expertise designing stunning visuals for each of them.

If a company asks for 3 years of experience and you’ve been blogging for 3 years, your blog itself becomes part of your resume. The company can see all the hard work you put into developing and promoting your blog on social media. Additionally, they are aware that you possess the self-control to organize your schedule and carry out independent work.

Tips for Success with Work from Home Social Media Jobs.

Here are some great tips for success with work from home social media jobs:

  • Take this quiz to know what kind of social media job you want to do.
    Learn as much as you can about each platform you intend to use.
  • Show examples of your prior work if you can.
    Learn the going rate for the work you do in social media.
  • possess a working knowledge of the algorithms and be able to derive insights from the analytics.
  • Show off your enthusiasm for social media!
    Learn about the many components of SEO so you can use it to your advantage to drive traffic.

Types of Social Media and Their Uses for Work at Home Social Media Jobs

Platform Largest Demographic of Users Uses Best Posting Frequency
Facebook All ages Largest is females between ages of 18-29 Build Audience and Following
Interact with Customers
1-2 times per day
Twitter Largest demographic is young adults between 18-29, men and women Following and engagement
Interacting with fans and building relationships
Sending people to your website
3 tweets/day
LinkedIn College graduates between 30-64 years old Show workplace
Post new positions available
Connect and engage with other business professionals
1 post per weekday
Instagram Young adults between 18-29 Publish visually appealing content (photos/videos/graphics) 2 posts per day- Early morning and around 5pm
Pinterest Young women- moms, DIY, event planners Visually appealing content that links to your website
Develop boards of interest to show off your products
5 pins per day – varying times.  (Or Schedule with Tailwind)
Snapchat Females under the age of 25 Storytelling
Behind the scenes
Engaging and interacting
No set time, but small segments are best.

30 Work From Home Social Media Jobs

Check out these 30 different types of work from home social media jobs!

1. Video Content Specialist

A specialist in video content possesses a mix of marketing, technical, and creative abilities. They use these for commercial videos that promote corporate content. They frequently collaborate with sales representatives and video editors. Take readiness quiz now!

National Average Salary: $37/hour

2. Video Editor

Could you spend all day watching videos? A video editor does just that. With so much video content on social media, there is a big need for people who can edit movies well. You can work as a freelancer for yourself or for an organization. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $19.88/hour

3. Social Media Specialist

A social media specialist position is a flexible home-based social media career that involves numerous hats. The particular duties change. A social media specialist is typically in charge of producing and managing content for all social media channels. Building an audience and boosting customer engagement are two examples of this. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $22.12/hour

4. Social Media Manager

Similar to a social media specialist is a social media manager. In an effort to develop an accessible online voice for the business, a social media manager can delegate some of the content creation and spend more time reacting to comments. They also keep track of comments that refer to the business. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $17.47/hour

5. Content Manager

All content is supervised, planned, and scheduled by a content manager. They also keep track of website traffic and search for chances to produce fresh content. To ensure that sales teams are focusing on the right demographics, this can involve authoring content, updating articles, and interacting with sales teams. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $21.04/hr

6. Digital Media Supervisor

A company’s whole media activities and strategies are often overseen by a digital media supervisor. The ability to improve dialogues and sales as well as have in-depth knowledge of SEO marketing are typically requirements. Both technical expertise and imagination are required. Additionally, you might need to create reports and evaluate data. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $38/hr

7. Digital Engagement Coordinator

For various businesses, a digital engagement coordinator might produce media toolkits. They also monitor social media posts and hits. In order to reach more people, they make use of the information. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $60,000/year

8. Social Media Analyst

Being a social media analyst might be an excellent social media job from home for you if you enjoy math and social media. They analyze social media analytics and turn the data into suggestions that might actually help the business. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $27/hour

9. Online Community Manager

Building a community around a brand is the primary emphasis of an online community manager. As a link between the two, they serve. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $27/hour

10. Public Relations Manager/Coordinator

The requirement for a public relations manager or coordinator is commonplace. They may be responsible for a variety of tasks, including managing the development of material for social media platforms, fostering connections with the press, and handling crisis situations. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $112,854/year

11. Digital Marketing Manager

Are you adept at both long-term digital marketing initiatives and short-term advertising strategies? You might find a nice social media marketing work from home as a digital marketing manager! Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $59,424/year

12. Brand Manager

A brand manager collaborates frequently. They ensure sure the company is taking care of its customers. They collaborate with corporate divisions and ad agencies. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $62,805/year

13. Brand Advocate

Do you have an unquenchable passion for a certain brand or item? You may already be set up to become a brand evangelist. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $75,424/year

14. Social Media Strategist

When it comes to social media professions that allow for work from home, a social media strategist is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. They are in charge of enhancing a company’s marketing and sales initiatives as well as its internet visibility. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $57,165/year

15. Social Media Marketing Manager

For a business, a social media marketing manager creates social media plans for each product. They are able to create, grow, and maintain social media profiles. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $55,259/year

16. Facebook Ads Manager

If you are looking for a social media marketing job from home that you can freelance, a Facebook Ads Manager might be your next calling. You work with clients, find out their goals for their ad campaign, develop it, and make sure they pay the lowest cost per conversion. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $61,313/year

17. Facebook Ads Specialist

A Facebook Ads Specialist prepares the ad campaigns, develops copy and visuals, installs tracking pixels, evaluates the campaign’s effectiveness, and makes any adjustments. This is similar to what a Facebook Ads Manager does. This is a fantastic freelance social media marketing job that you can do from home. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $15-$40/hour

18. Pinterest Account Manager

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you are likely familiar with using Pinterest to increase site traffic. Working from home as a social media manager for someone else’s Pinterest account can be a terrific opportunity to put your existing skills to use. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $300-$2000/month

19. Customer Success Business Analyst (Pinterest)

Direct employment with social media firms is also possible from home. The majority of the jobs are remote and center on improving the customer experience. Bloggers are well-positioned to provide data-driven insights and strategic advice because they spend a lot of time on social media sites. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $155,000/year

20. Social Media Evaluator

You could work from home as a social media evaluator if generating and running advertisements for businesses isn’t your thing but you still want to work with social media. The usefulness of news feeds, advertisements, and search results from websites like Facebook, Instagram, and others is evaluated by a social media evaluator. Additionally, it doesn’t require any prior knowledge! Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $20/hour

21. Social Media Content Creator

Social media has a LOT of content. Someone needs to provide all that material. A social media content producer job could be a terrific method for creative people to work from home in social media. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $19/hour

22. Social Media Graphics Designer

You could work from home in social media if you have an eye for creating attractive visuals. The demand for persons with a keen sense of design is increased by the fact that social media content with graphics attracts greater interaction and attention. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $46,075/year

23. Marketing Copywriter

A copywriter is someone who creates persuasive and clear sales writing and commercials. Every business requires a copywriter for its advertisements and marketing initiatives. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $21-$28 / hour

24. Digital Marketer

The responsibilities of a digital marketer and a digital marketing manager may be identical. Typically, a digital marketer is in charge of creating email marketing campaigns, posting images and messages on social media, and analyzing reports on the company’s return on investment. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $59,979/year

25. Digital Marketing Analyst

Do you enjoy reviewing the blog’s and connected social media sites’ analytics? Businesses also require someone to complete it for them. Analysts in digital marketing examine analytics and offer suggestions on how a business might enhance its marketing initiatives. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $53,028/year

26. SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization, or SEO. The primary responsibility of an SEO specialist is to evaluate, test, and modify a company website to improve its visibility on search engines. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $52,614/year

27. Influencer Marketing Manager

Have you ever written a sponsored blog article endorsing a specific company? Most likely, an influencer marketing manager contacted you. They look for influencers to promote their goods and help them develop their marketing strategy. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $19.36/hour

28. Art Director

A digital art director can work remotely on social media projects as well as create tangible items or marketing collateral. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $121,420/year

29. Social Media Customer Service Representative

Have you ever seen a negative review of a business followed by a response from the business? Most likely, that was a social media customer service agent. They look for feedback and concerns regarding the business before responding appropriately. Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $50,429/year

30. Virtual Assistant

Superheroes require a sidekick. For many bloggers, a virtual assistant serves that purpose. Their job responsibilities may involve social media work from home, such as managing ads and scheduling posts on social media. (Or less, if that’s what you choose!) Take readiness quiz now!

Average Salary: $14-$24/hour

Social Media Work From Home Job Average Annual Salary – USA
Video Content Specialist $79,500
Video Editor $48,836
Social Media Specialist $46,000
Social Media Manager $46,589
Content Manager $60,100
Digital Media Supervisor $78,214
Digital Engagement Coordinator $60,000
Social Media Analyst $56.968
Online Community Manager $56,645
Public Relations Manager/Coordinator $112,854
Digital Marketing Manager $59,424
Brand Manager $62,805
Brand Advocate $75,424
Social Media Strategist $57,165
Social Media Marketing Manager $55,259
Facebook Ads Manager $61,313
Facebook Ads Specialist $52,613
Pinterest Account Manager No annual salary information is available
Customer Success Business Analyst (Pinterest) $155,000
Social Media Evaluator $42,463
Social Media Content Creator $39,112
Social Media Graphics Designer $46,075
Marketing Copywriter $50,760
Digital Marketer $59,979
Digital Marketing Analyst $53,028
SEO Specialist $52,614
Influencer Marketing Manager $40,268
Art Director $121,420
Social Media Work From Home Customer Service Representative $50,429
Virtual Assistant $39,520


The Last Thing You Need to Know about Work from Home Social Media Jobs.

Ready to earn substantial revenue doing easy social media jobs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for reputable companies around the glob, click here to begin your online career.

Social media work from home jobs are actual legitimate jobs. Most involve working for a company and doing some form of social media marketing from home.

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