About Us

Techonegh was established in June 2022, by Wilson Edem Dzamefe, an Information Technologist and a digital entrepreneur, with a background of 7 years of experience as a former instructor at Ghana’s most renounced I.T collage, Intercom Programming And Manufacturing Company(IPMC). and over 19 yeas in the field of I.T. Techonegh operates an all-digital company with our corresponding editors working from remote locations across Ghana.

Techonegh is the ideal blog for your Technology News and other related technology needs.The aim and key purpose of this blog is serve as a go-to destination where you can get tutorials and tips related to blogging,Fintech,Blockchain, digital marketing, mobile tech and money-making ideas. Hence, bloggers, web designers, Internet entrepreneurs, digital marketers and people with general interests in social media will find the blog posts relevant and interesting.